SEO management

Google’s algorithm and the way consumers search online is always changing. And you need to keep up.

You’ve heard that Google is always changing the way they rank websites in search results but you can’t seem to keep up.

You also know that the way consumers search online and the words they use are constantly changing.

You’ve noticed that sometimes your website appears on the first or second page of Google and other times it’s hidden even more in the search results.

You want to easily be found in Google searches but you don’t have the time to research the current Google algorithm and make the necessary changes to your website.

You’re ready to stay ahead of the changes to increase your traffic, generate new leads, and grow your business.

You’re ready to stay ahead of the changes to increase your traffic, generate new leads, and grow your business.

Through easy to understand reports, you’ll become aware of keywords and phrases consumers use to find you in search engines.


This information will shape your SEO strategy and can maximize traffic when used in other marketing campaigns.

Tailored to your website and business goals a SEO monthly management package will…

Uncover what keywords consumers are using to find your services and leverage them to unlock more solid leads (and less false leads due to poor keyword usage).

Increase your website traffic and build brand awareness without spending money on paid advertising.

Keep your website up to date with ever changing Google search ranking algorithms and consumer search habits.

Provide you with the foundation you need to reach new customers, sell more products or services, and grow your business.

Provide you with the foundation you need to reach new customers, sell more products or services, and grow your business.

Pre-Climb Checklist!

The key to an effective SEO audit and campaign is to set the right goals. So I want to learn all about both your business and website and your struggles and goals for both. What does your website do well, or not well enough? What struggles are you facing in your business? Who are you trying to target with your messaging? Where do you want your website to be a year from now? The answers to these types of questions help create a personalized SEO audit or campaign that will have your website climbing search rankings in no time.

Start Climbing!

With your business and website goals in mind I begin making changes to your website. The SEO audit signifies the first steps on our journey up search rankings. This first step lays the groundwork for the climb. In order to ensure the climb doesn’t falter out, with a  management package, I continue to monitor, analyze, and tweak our climb so we can reach the goals we have set!

The Summit!

We’ve reached the summit! Whether your goal was increasing pageviews by 10% or moving from the 2nd search page to the first, we did it! Does this mean my work is done? Of course not! We have new goals to set, new summits to explore! Just like the weather at any mountain summit, search engine ranking systems are constantly changing, and we need to be prepared. I make sure your website is in the best shape to take advantage of any changes Google throws at us

SEO Management


Keyword Research

Page Optimization

Content Optimization

Link Optimization

Link Building

Competitive Analysis

Google Analytics Setup & Analysis

Google Search Console Setup & Analysis

Monthly Touchbases


Initial Startup Investment Starting at $797

Reoccurring Monthly Investment Starting at $397

HEY I’M  justin

I’m a full time traveler and your digital marketing Sherpa. Using tested digital marketing strategies, I’ll guide you up the mountain of search rankings.

Extensive experience with Google search console and analytics has prepared me to assist websites of all shapes and sizes. Whether you are looking to drive traffic to your e-commerce site or bring more viewers to your blog, I can help.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I’m just setting up my website? Does it already need to be live to do an audit?
Your website doesn’t have to be live! I can work in tandem with your web designer to ensure your website is fully optimized for search engines the moment it goes live.
Do you make the changes or do you provide me with a list of changes needed?
I make all the necessary changes for your website to be fully optimized. Before we part ways, I provide you with a set of guidelines for you to follow if/when you add additional pages to your website.
Can you guarantee results?

Guaranteeing results is against Google’s best practices for SEO specialists. No one can say it better than Google so read their reasoning here under “Helpful guidelines”.

Can you still help me if you don't have hands on experience in my industry?

Yes! My research methods are the same whether or not I have a past experience in a given industry. I also find having no experience with an industry to be helpful. It allows me to look at your services through the eyes of a potential client and bring new keywords to your attention.

How long until I see results?

Search engine optimization does not produce immediate results. Increasing organic traffic is a slow process that can take weeks or even months to see significant results. It is also important to remember SEO is an ongoing process that never truly ends. If you are seeking immediate, short term results, a Google Ads campaign can help you with that.

Do you offer Google Ads campaign management?

I am not currently advertising Google Ads campaign management however, I am accepting clients on a case by case basis. Fill out my contact form for more information and to see if my Google Ads service would be a good fit for you.

How do I know if what you are doing is working?

My SEO management package includes a monthly touch base where I will provide you with a report on everything you need to know. I will let you know what I’m doing, what is and isn’t working, and most importantly how your website is performing.

Are you ready to start climbing search rankings but don’t want to commit to something long term? SEO Audits are a great way to kickstart your climb with no commitment!