SEO audit

When someone performs a Google search they are about 8 times more likely to click through to websites when they are not paid search results.

Right now your business is generating steady income but you have big goals for growing your business (and you don’t want it to take years).

You are ready to take the first steps to improving your search results, but you are not sure if you are ready to commit to something long term.

You’ve read way too many “SEO Tips and Tricks” blog posts but they’re too general so you still can’t figure out what you’re doing wrong on your own website.

You understand how appearing on the first page of search results can greatly impact your website traffic and help people become more aware of your business but you don’t know how to change your current ranking.

You know with some one-on-one personalized guidance you could make changes to your website that would significantly impact your website traffic and brand awareness.

You’re ready to invest in improving your website’s search ranking so you can start achieving those bigger business goals.

You’re ready to invest in improving your website’s search ranking so you can start achieving those bigger business goals.

Most SEO audits leave you with a website optimized for search engines but don’t provide you with the tools you need to optimize new pages or posts in the future.


My SEO audit services do.

Personalized to your website and designed to (help you) climb search rankings, a SEO audit will…

Address issues that are limiting your ability to rank higher on search results without spending money on paid advertising.

Unlock new potential customers by getting found on Google.

Easily grow your business and increase sales with more traffic and new leads.

Provide you with the tools to continue this success as your website evolves.

Provide you with the tools to continue this success as your website evolves.

Pre-Climb Checklist!

The key to an effective SEO audit and campaign is to set the right goals. So I want to learn all about both your business and website and your struggles and goals for each. What does your website do well, or not well enough? What struggles are you facing in your business? Who are you trying to target with your messaging? Where do you want your website to be a year from now? 

Start Climbing!

With your goals and struggles in mind I begin making changes to your website. The SEO audit signifies the first steps on our journey up search rankings by laying the necessary foundation and providing you with the tools needed for the climb.

Don’t Stop Now!

The audit is complete and my work is done. You have begun to climb and now know the ins and outs of your website. I have also given you the tools necessary to reach the summit alone! If you are not ready to go it alone, I am happy to help guide you with a SEO management package.

SEO audit


Keyword Research

Page Optimization

Content Optimization

Link Optimization

Google Analytics Setup & Education

Google Search Console Setup & Eduation


Starting at $797

HEY I’M  justin…


…and I will be your SEO sherpa. From base camp to the summit, you will work exclusively with me. With me you are more than a sale, or an account number. You are a partner. A partner about to partake in an incredible journey to the top of the search rankings.

As my partner in this journey your website will get my undivided attention. I will treat your website as if it was my own to help you reach your goals. After all, there is no better feeling than helping someone achieve their dreams!

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I’m just setting up my website? Does it already need to be live to do an audit?
Your website doesn’t have to be live! I can work in tandem with your web designer to ensure your website is fully optimized for search engines the moment it goes live.
Do you make the changes or do you provide me with a list of changes needed?
I make all the necessary changes for your website to be fully optimized. Before we part ways, I provide you with a set of guidelines for you to follow if/when you add additional pages to your website.
Can you guarantee results?

Guaranteeing results is against Google’s best practices for SEO specialists. No one can say it better than Google so read their reasoning here under “Helpful guidelines”.

Can you still help me if you don't have hands on experience in my industry?

Yes! My research methods are the same whether or not I have a past experience in a given industry. I also find having no experience with an industry to be helpful. It allows me to look at your services through the eyes of a potential client and bring new keywords to your attention.

How long until I see results?

Search engine optimization does not produce immediate results. Increasing organic traffic is a slow process that can take weeks or even months to see significant results. It is also important to remember SEO is an ongoing process that never truly ends. If you are seeking immediate, short term results, a Google Ads campaign can help you with that.

Do you offer Google Ads campaign management?

I am not currently advertising Google Ads campaign management however, I am accepting clients on a case by case basis. Fill out my contact form for more information and to see if my Google Ads service would be a good fit for you.

How do I know if what you are doing is working?

At the end of the project you’ll receive directions from me on how to review and analyze your traffic, ranking, and more using Google Analytics and Google Search Console. By periodically checking this you can see how the changes improve your site performance overtime. Remember, an audit will only provide a temporary boost. So if you’re looking for more long term results, you will benefit from my SEO management package.

SEO Audits are a great first step but you’ve got your eyes on the future. You should know by now that Google’s search rank algorithms are constantly changing, as are the way consumers use Google. A SEO management package will help you stay ahead of these changes so you can continue your climb to the top.